Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2008 Minnesota Annual Conference: "Change is Strange"

The 2008 conference opened last night with Bishop Sally Dyck's Episcopal Address. As usual it was a wonderful address that was both challenging and uplifting simultaneously. Change is strange! It is something that is different. Change takes out of what we know ias comfortable and introduces us to a different way of being or thinking.

It hit me as I was reflecting today that I haven't created an avenue for many at Chatfield UMC to express their anxieties, fears, or hopes that may be e result of the pastoral change when I was appointed last year. The change was probably drastic. Going from a retiring pastor who had been in the ministry over 30 years to a probationary pastor who was just beginning his ministry had to be a system shock to a certain extent.

It is my hope that the change has brought some strange things, but hopefully the strange things have brought about new perspectives and have challenged us to a deeper sense of discipleship.

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Ricki Booker said...

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