Monday, June 1, 2009

Rethink Church Advertisement Hilarity

Please see the screenshot below and tell me this is not hilarious. The UMC puts banner advertisement on the LA Times and happens to have the "Rethink Church" banner above a shot of the Sasha Cohen/Eminem encounter from the MTV Movie Awards last night.

I wonder how many hits they might be getting from people checking out that article and intrigued about "Rethinking Church"?

I know my initial thought was this: "If a church is willing to advertise about rethinking church above a picture of a disgusted Eminem with a naked butt in his face, I might just have to check this out."

Have to love technology. Click on the image to see it full screen.


Josh said...

Wow. Talk about a picture's worth a thousand words!

Pastor Justin said...

I know. Hilarious isn't it. I was looking for write-ups on the incident since it was so awkward last night and then I clicked on the article and something familiar caught my eye..... (talking about the ReThink Campaign Tagline....not Sasha Cohen's naked rear)